Studio Work

Lucy Evans studio

Back in the studio, I can tidy up outdoor sketches, and present them as small, framed paintings… pictures with the essence of outdoors, the weather (and sometimes insects) imbedded in them in a way that a studio work can never have.

I call them ‘Pictures to Peer at…’

These little works have the “essential oil" of the captured moment.

The larger studio works sometimes have these as a starting point but more often are the product of walking each evening on the Levels and surrounding hills.

The forms, colours and weather have soaked right into me over the last 12 years, building on a childhood here, roaming at will from dawn to dusk, made possible by parents that had been allowed similar freedoms in the 1930s and 1940s.

I find I need/want to be out there daily, even/especially late into dusk.

More Recently...

Here is a recently copied portrait. It’s a copy of a portrait of the actress Anne Oldfield, by an undocumented painter in the 17oos, housed in the National Gallery, destined for one of her former homes.

Anne Oldfield

It’s my own rendition of a fairly damaged and weathered painting that is 300 years old. Here’s the original...

Anne Oldfield Original

Anna Anderson ~ Founder and CEO of Kindred writes…

Kindred is an open house for West London, a space to gather for co-working, live events and exceptional food & drink. Lucy’s artwork is displayed throughout this iconic, Grade II listed building, including a spectacular gallery wall in the Library. Lucy was commissioned by Kindred to recreate a portrait of Miss Anne Oldfield, a famous actress of her time in the C18th, and the woman for whom Bradmore House was built. She is now displayed in pride of place, back in her old home at Kindred, in Hammersmith, London.

All Still Life and Portrait works are studio works . These take a long time. They are often being painted alongside landscapes as time allows. They often have many layers of paint. This increases the resonance of the colours and the presence they carry in a room.

If you are the owner of a fabulous still life, then it can be a good idea to decorate the room around the picture. It enhances the merits of the painting and creates an amazing harmony and restfulness of mood in the room.